My Home LAN

This is an almost complete list of my hardware, at least all networkable devices are listed here. I try to use the names of famous painters for all hardware, but you can easily spot many exceptions. But I migrate from the old naming convention (there was none) to this one. Other people use greek gods or musicians, I decided for painters because of my addiction to graphics hardware (especially to SGI).

Name   IP   Hardware OS
columbus   Zyxel P310 Router ZyNOS
kelvin   Dual Pentium 4 Xeon 2.2GHz Win2k Prof.
degas   Intel Pentium III 800 Debian Linux
hopper   Pentium MMX 233 Linux
amalia   Dual Pentium III 866 Win2k Prof.
janacek   HP xw9300 Dual Opteron Workstation Windows XP
cezanne   Brother MFC 7820N N/A
miro   Acer Pentium 166 MS-DOS 7.0
bebox   Dual Pentium II 333 BeOS R5
monet   Olivetti Echos P120E Windows 95
escher   AT&T Globalyst 515 MS-DOS 5.0
octane   SGI Octane Dual R10000 IRIX 6.5.17
braque   SGI Indy R5000 IRIX 6.5
indigo   SGI Indigo R4000 IRIX
blake   SUN IPX Solaris
papyrus   HP LaserJet 1320n N/A
purple   SGI Indigo² R10000 IRIX 6.5
teal   SGI Indigo² R4400 IRIX 5.3
kahlo   SGI O2 R5000 IRIX 6.5
michelangelo   SGI Indy R4600 IRIX 6.5
kandinsky   SGI Personal IRIS 4D/25 IRIX 4.0.1
magritte   SGI Indigo R3000 IRIX 5.3
picasso   Next NextStation Color NextStep
rubens   SGI Onyx RE2 IRIX 6.5.15
rivera   DEC 3000 NetBSD
bartl   SGI Indy R5000 IRIX 6.5
gauguin   Sun SparcStation 2 Solaris
klee   Sun SparcStation 2 Solaris
goya   digital Alphaserver 1000A 4/266 NetBSD
matisse   Pentium 90 (Notebook) MS-DOS 5.0
raphael   SGI Personal IRIS 4D/35 IRIX 4.0.1
griffin   HP Visualize C200 HP-UX 10
rembrandt   digital Alphaserver 800 debian Linux
irving   digital Personal Workstation debian Linux
wassily   SGI Origin 200 IRIX 6.5.20
ennyah   Via Cyrix Debian Linux
jobs   Apple Powermac Quad G5 MacOS X 10.4
bartok   Infrant ReadyNAS NV Debian Linux
bach   SGI Fuel R14000 IRIX 6.5.26
none yet       HP Apollo 9000 715/100 HP-UX 10
none yet       HP Apollo 9000 735/100 HP-UX 10
smc16   SMC 16 Smart 16 Port Gigabit Switch N/A
smc24c   SMC 24C Smart 24 Port Gigabit Switch N/A
zyair   Zyxel G-1000 ZyNOS
Not integrated into the LAN, but there
        SUN IPC Solaris
        SUN IPX Solaris
        SUN IPX Solaris
        Pentium SBC  
  Lexmark Printserver  
Machines that are gone  
        digital Alphastation 500  
        IBM PC 300GL  
      DEC 3000 NetBSD
      HP Visualize C180 HP-UX 10
  SGI IRIS 3130 unknown
pavilion     HP zd7000 Notebook Windows XP