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Hardware: SGI IRIS 3130
Software: none
Owned since: 02/24/2003

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I found this IRIS 3130 on ebay, and I really could not resist to bid on it - and I won the auction for the ridicilous price of 1,50EUR. Fortunately the IRIS was only about 30 minutes by car away from my appartment, so it was not a big deal to get it to its new home.

It's state is almost perfect - only the harddisc is broken and makes a terrible noise, so I disconnected it after 10 seconds of horrible sounds. Read the story how I try to get my IRIS work.

The Hardware

Actually my IRIS has a Control Data badge and is called "Cyber 910" - but it really is a rebadged Silicon Graphics IRIS 3130.

The Boardset

My IRIS has 11 boards installed, of which five are CPU, memory and IO and the other six form the graphics sub-system. The CPU, memory and IO boards are plugged into the left half of the backplane, whereas the whole graphics system is plugged into the right side. Actually these are really two different busses, as you can see in the pictures: The backplane is split into two regions.

I have the following boards installed:

Slot Name Number Function
1 IM1-4 5000-532-01 Rev B Memory Board with 4MB
2 FP1 5000-573-01 Rev C Floating Point Processor
3 IP2 5000-561-02 Rev M Main Processor (68020 at 16MHz)
4 E-NET 5000-173-10 Rev M Ethernet Controller (Excelan EXOS/201)
5 STORAGER II 076-0005-001 Rev B Storage Controller (ESDI)
15 BP3 5000-503-07 Rev C Bitplane - 4Bits at 1024x1024
16 BP3 5000-503-07 Rev C Bitplane - 4Bits at 1024x1024
17 BP3 5000-503-07 Rev C Bitplane - 4Bits at 1024x1024
18 DC4 5000-090-05 Rev H Display Controller
19 UC4 5000-511-03 Rev H Update Controller
20 GF2 5000-575-14 Rev C Frame Buffer


 hinv Output:

The Backplane

The Backplane

The ESDI Harddisc

Keyboard and Mouse

The Mouse

IP2 - The CPU Board

FP1 - The Coprocessor

IM1 - 4MB Memory

IM1 - 4MB memory

Storager II - ESDI Ineterface

Exclean EXOS/201

GF2 - Framebuffer

GF2 - Framebuffer

UC4 - Update Controller

DC4 - Display Controller

BP3 - 4Bit Bitplanes

BP3 - 4Bit Bitplanes