Hostname: none   Hostaddress: none
Hardware: SUN Sparcstation IPX
Software: Solaris
Owned since: 5. November 2002

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Processor   Fujitsu MB86903 @ 40MHz
or Weitek W8701 @ 40MHz
  Graphics   Onboard CG6-GX
Memory   52MB on Mainboard + 32MB Sbus   Sound   onboard
Drives   4 GByte Seagate ST15230N
1.44M 3.5" floppy
external 4GB drive
external CD-ROm drive
extern tape drive
  Network   onboard

This is my other IPX plus a lot of equipment including an external SCSI 4GB harddisc, an external CD-ROM and a tape drive. Unfortunately, I couldn't test the IPX station so far.