Digital Alphaserver 4/266

Hostname: goya   Hostaddress:
Hardware: digital Alphaserver 4/266
Software: NetBSD
Owned since: 10/08/2003

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This is my digital Alphaserver 4/266. Unfortunately it seems to have a hardware problem concerning memory or the bus system.

For general information on Alphaservers, have a look at this page.

>>>show config
                        Digital Equipment Corporation
                           AlphaServer 1000A 4/266

SRM Console:    V5.7-83
ARC Console:    v4.59
PALcode:        OpenVMS PALcode V5.56-7, Digital UNIX PALcode V1.45-12
Serial Rom:     V2.8

DECchip (tm) 21064A-2   266MHz

     160 Meg of System Memory
     Bank 0 = 32 Mbytes(8 MB Per Simm) Starting at 0x08000000
     Bank 1 = 128 Mbytes(32 MB Per Simm) Starting at 0x00000000
     Bank 2 = No Memory Detected
     Bank 3 = No Memory Detected

 Slot   Option                  Hose 0, Bus 0, PCI
   7    Intel 82375                                     Bridge to Bus 1, EISA
   8    DECchip 21050-AA                                Bridge to Bus 2, PCI
  11    DEC PowerStorm
  12    DEC PCI FDDI            fwa0.           00-00-F8-43-C6-A5
  13    DE500-AA Network Con    ewb0.           00-00-F8-06-2C-FB

 Slot   Option                  Hose 0, Bus 1, EISA

 Slot   Option                  Hose 0, Bus 2, PCI
   0    QLogic ISP10x0          pka0.7.0.2000.0         SCSI Bus ID 7
                                dka0.0.0.2000.0         RZ28M
                                dka100.1.0.2000.0       SEAGATE ST39175LC
   1    DECchip 21140-AA        ewa0.0.0.2001.0         00-00-F8-30-EA-11
   2    NCR 53C810              pkb0.7.0.2002.0         SCSI Bus ID 7
                                dkb400.4.0.2002.0       RRD45
                                mkb500.5.0.2002.0       HP C1533A
   3    NCR 53C810              pkc0.7.0.2003.0         SCSI Bus ID 7
   4    Mylex DAC960            dra.0.0.2004.0
                                dra0.0.0.2004.0         1 Member JBOD
                                dra1.0.0.2004.0         3 Member RAID 0