digital Alphaserver 1000

 General Information


A digital Alphaserver 1000 is a really nice server machine, mostyl because it has 7 slots hot HD drives plus two addition 5,25" for CD-ROM and Streamer plus one 3,5" floppy disk.


There are two flavours of this model, the Alphaserver 1000 (codename Mikasa) and the Alphaserevr 1000A (codename Noritake). The later one is the newer model and supports newer CPUs (EV5) and has more PCI slots. So if you want to get an Alphaserver 1000, be sure to get the newer model with the captial "A" after the number.


The Alphaserver 1000 supports various clock speeds of the 21064 (EV4) architecure ranging from 200 MHz to 266 MHz and the newer Alphaserver 1000A also supports 21164 (EV5) CPUs ranging from 300 Mhz to 400 MHz . But you will need to install a different ROM version for EV5 CPUs.


The Alphaserver has a 128bit wide memory bus consisting out of four banks of memory, each containing four or five standard 72pin 36 bit PS/2 FPM modules with parity, 70ns or better. For EV4 CPUs you always have to install five memory modules, EV5 CPUs only need four memory modules per bank - you can simply leave the fifth slot empty. The maximum installable memory is 1GB.


Both Alphaserver types have a SCSI-controller on board, the Alphaserver 1000 has a Symbios 810 whereas the Alphaserver 1000A has Qlogic 1020.


As already mentioned before, the Alphaserver 1000(A) has 7 SCSI drive slots (which need some special HD carrier) plus room for 2 addition 5,25" half-height devuices (CD-ROM, streamer) and a 3,5" floppy disk.

The Alphaserver 1000 has 3 32bit PCI slots plus 7 EISA slots.

The Alphaserver 1000 has 7 32bit PCI slots on two busses plus 2 EISA slots.

My Hardware

Look here for my digital Alphaserver 1000A 4/266.