Indigo R4000

Hostname: indigo   Hostaddress:
Hardware: SGI Indigo R4000
Software: IRIX 6.2
Owned since: October 2002

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System   SGI Indigo   Drives   4GB Harddisc
2GB Harddisc
Processor   R4000 at 100MHz   Graphics   Elan
Memory   96MB   Other   none
This is my first Indigo. It has a R4000 processor running at 100Mhz. My other Indigo has a R3000 processor running at 33Mhz. For more information on Indigos in general, have a look at this page.
 hinv Output:
indigo 2# hinv -v
1 100 MHZ IP20 Processor
FPU: MIPS R4000 Floating Point Coprocessor Revision: 0.0
CPU: MIPS R4000 Processor Chip Revision: 3.0
On-board serial ports: 2
On-board bi-directional parallel port
Data cache size: 8 Kbytes
Instruction cache size: 8 Kbytes
Secondary unified instruction/data cache size: 1 Mbyte on Processor 0
Main memory size: 96 Mbytes
Integral Ethernet: ec0, version 1
Integral SCSI controller 0: Version WD33C93B, revision C
  Disk drive: unit 1 on SCSI controller 0
  Disk drive: unit 2 on SCSI controller 0
Iris Audio Processor: revision 10
Graphics board: GR2-XS24 with Z-buffer

indigo 3# /usr/gfx/gfxinfo
Graphics board 0 is "GR2" graphics.
        Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024
        4 GE, 1 RE, 24 bitplanes, 4 auxplanes, 4 cidplanes, Z-buffer
        GR2 revision 2, VB1.1
        HQ2 rev A, GE7 rev B,  RE3 rev D, VC1 rev B, MC rev B
        19" monitor

XS24Z Graphics Board

XS24Z Graphics Board

IP20 with CPU Module

XS24 without Z-Buffer

Framebuffer RAM

XS24 without Z-Buffer