SGI Personal Iris

Hostname: raphael   Hostaddress:
Hardware: SGI Personal Iris 4D/35
Software: IRIX 4.0
Owned since: November 2003

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System   SGI Personal Iris 4D/35   Drives   SCSI disc
Processor   R3000 at 36MHz   Graphics   ?
Memory   32MB   Other   none

History of my System

I just got it from ebay, the really interesting thing about this Personal Iris is that it uses a standard ATX power supply, that has been successfully built in by one of the previous owners - and what should I say? It works! See this page about some more info about this hack.

You can find some general ifnormation on the Personal Iris on this page.

 hinv Output:
>> hinv -v
              Memory size: 32 Mbytes
   Instruction cache size: 64 Kbytes
  Instruction refill size: 8 words
          Data cache size: 64 Kbytes
         Data refill size: 16 words
      Partial word stores: Enabled
                SCSI Disk: dksc(0,1)
                CPU board: IP12 36 MHz, revision 2, with FPU