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The NeXTcubeTM computer is the expand-
able NeXT computer for people who
need maximum configuration flexibility in
mass storage and memory. It can also
be used as a server on a network.

NeXT computers use Display PostScript for both screen
imaging and printing. This makes two key things possible:
First, what you see on the screen is precisely what you get
when you print. Second, it means that imaging happens in
the NeXT computer--not in the printer. So there's no need for
the printer to have its own processor. That's why the NeXT 400
dpi Laser Printer is one of the most affordable printers around.
The NeXTcube offers a tremendous
amount of power and performance--
all in a one-foot magnesium cube. It
uses the powerful Motorola 68040 CPU
and Motorola 56001 DSP. As your needs
change, you can add more memory. You
can also add up to three boards to the
NeXTcube, simply by plugging them into
the NeXTbus.TM For instance, you might
consider adding a NeXTdimensionTM
color board.

Features Benefits

Flexibility in memory

You can equip the NeXTcube with 8MB to
64 MB of main memory, depending on
your needs.

Variety of storage

We offer several storage options--a
2.88 MB floppy disk drive, a 256MB
optical disk drive; a CD-ROM drive; and
105MB, 200MB, 400MB, 660MB, and
1.4GB hard disk drives--giving you the
ability to choose the type and amount of
storage to meet your needs.

Expansion slots

There are three available NeXTbus expan-
sion slots for third-party and NeXT boards,
such as the NeXTdimension color board,
letting you add additional capabilities to
your computer.

Server capabilities

You can take a standard NeXTcube
and turn it into a server system, simply by
adding more memory and storage.