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NeXTstation Color

NeXTstation Color is an affordable, 16-bit
color NeXT computer for people who
want a professional color solution. It's ideal
for publishing, graphic design, computer-
aided design, presentations, analysis, and
virtually all other applications that require
color capabilities.

In addition to the same core technologies
that make NeXTstation and exceptional
computer, the NeXTstation Color computer
has 1.5MB of dedicated video memory.
This lets it display 4096 colors simulta-
neously on NeXT MegaPixel Color Displays.
The NeXT MegaPixel Color Displays
measure either 17 or 21 inches
diagonally and can be used with all NeXT
color systems. They have a resolution of
1120(h)x832(v). The NeXTstation Color
computer has been engineered to handle
the demands of today's--and tomorrow's--
true-color applications. It can be configured
with 12 MB to 32 MB of memory.
Features Benefits


The NeXTstation Color computer can
display 4096 colors simultaneously,
letting you create images of near-
photographic quality.

Color Displays
(in two sizes)

Lets you view a full page of your work in
breathtaking color. And there's plenty of
extra room for menus, icons, and tools.

Color Postscript

Software applications written for a
monochrome NeXT computer will also run
on a color NeXT computer, and vice versa.
In addition, color PostScript; lets you
print to color printer, slide makers,
and imagesetters.

Built-in Ethernet

High-performance Ethernet allows you to
share large color images over a network.
400 dpi
Features Benefits Laser Printer

400 dpi resolution

Offers 75% greater image resolution
that 300 dpi laser printer, so your
graphics, pictures, illustrations, and type
look sharper and crisper.

Adjustable paper tray

You can print on a variety of paper sizes--
A4, letter-size, and even envelopes

Straight paper path

This laser printer has a straight paper path
virtually eliminating jams

Affordable price

Although it's priced as a personal printer,
it's more than powerful enough to be
shared on a network.