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NeXTdimension NeXTdimension is an accelerated, 32-bit color board that gives the NeXTcube
state-of-the-art color capabilities. NeXTdimension was designed for people
who want the most advanced color PostScript system available. It's ideal for
high-end publishing, graphics, video, and animation applications.

The engineers at NeXT have integrated a 32-bit, true-color display function, a
64-bit RISC-based dedicated graphics coprocessor, video capture and dispay,
and a high-performance JPEG compression coprocessor--all on one board. Its
Intel i860 RISC-based microprocessor, operating at 33Mhz, runs full color
PostScript and has been optimized for our coprocessing environment, increas-
ing drawing speed eight to twelve times. This enables graphics applications to
process images in near real time. The JPEG compression capabilities let you
compress and play back still- and full-motion video from a hard disk drive.

Features Benefits


NeXTdimension offers 16.7 million colors
to choose from, so images on the screen
have a photographic realism, with color,
depth, and clarity.

Accelerated graphics

The Intel i860 graphics accelerator makes
working with 32-bit color as fast as--and in
some cases faster than--working on a
standard NeXTcube monochrome system.

Video input
and output

Lets you connect a NeXTdimension
system to a VCR, laserdisc player, VHS,
S-VHS, Hi-8, Beta, Camcorder, or still-video
camera without requiring additional

compression and

Lets you take live video, compress it,
and store it on hard disk--in real time.
With compression, you can store up to 60
time more live video on a hard disk.

Color Displays

The large, clear MegaPixel 17-and 21-inch
Color Displays let you view a full page of
your work in breathtaking color. And
there's plenty of extra room for menus,
icons, and tools.