The NeXTstationTM computer is the most
affordable NeXTTM computer. It offers un-
precendented performance at an affordable
price. The NeXTstation is ideal either as
a standalone system or connected to a
Features Benefits
The engineers at NeXT have pioneereed a
variety of new technologies to create
the high-performance NeXTstation. At
the heart of the computer is a Motorola
68040 CPU, running at 25Mhz. It is part
of a system architecture that also
includes a Motorola 56001 DSP and an
Integrated Channel Processor invented
at NeXT. The NeXTstation provides
exceptional system throughput and

The NeXTstation includes 8 MB of main
memory, which can be expanded to an
impressive 32 MB. It offers the latest in
floppy disk technology; our 3.5-inch
floppy disk drive stores 2.88 megabytes
of information and can also read from
and write to 1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-
formatted disks. The 105 MB internal
hard disk drive that comes with the com-
puter is preloaded with NeXT system
software; 200 MB and 400 MB hard disk
drives are available optionally. High-per-
formance Ethernet capabilities are built
in--the computer offers both thin and
twisted-pair Ethernet.
68040 CPU
The NeXTstation uses a powerful Motorola
68040 CPU that provides impressive
system performance. The NeXTstation is
capable of processing at 15 MIPS and 2

Built-in networking

Like the rest of the NeXT product line, the
NeXTstation has both thin and twisted-pair
Ethernet built in, which makes
connecting it to a network a snap.

MegaPixel Display

One of the clearest displays in the industry
the MegaPixel Display features a screen
that measures 17 inches diagonally. You
can view a full page of your work with
plenty of space left over for menus, icons,
and tools.

2.88 MB Floppy
Disk Drive

The floppy disk drive lets you store 2.88
MB of information on inexpensive, remov-
able disks. It also reads from and writes to
1.44 MB and 720 KB DOS-formatted disks.

Compact design

The NeXTstation computer's main unit was
designed to fit under the NeXT MegaPixel
Display, and it doesn't take up additional
space on your desk.