Motorola 68040 Combined central processing (CPU),
floating-pint (FPU) and paged
memory management (PMMU)
units with 8 kilobytes of on-chip
cache memory.
A highly integrated microprocessor providing excellent computing
performance, high data transfer rate, and exceptional reliability.

Three NeXTbus expansion slots Provides flexibility for expansion as your requirements change and new
technology becomes available.

NeXT-designed IC's Turbo Memory Controller (TMC)

Peripherial Controller (IPC)
Supports up to 128MB of fast, interleaved RAM, with prefetching.

Supports off-loading of all seven DMA peripheral channels from the main
processor, and is capable of running at 50MB per second.

Motorola 56001 DSP Provides fast processing of large matrix calculation--used for generating
CD-quality sound, music, speech, and tone detection

MegaPixel 17-inch
Monochrome Display
1120x832 resolution with
92 dpi
Delivers sharp, crisp display of text and graphics with enough screen space
to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Eight built-in ports SCSI

Two RS-423 serial ports

DSP I/O Port

Display Port

Laser printer port

Two Ethernet (twisted and thin) ports
Support of up to seven SCSI peripherials

Allows NeXTcube Turbo computers to be tailored to meet your needs
with popular serial-based peripherials such as fax and data modems
without using expansion slots.

Supports direct I/O access to the DSP

Provides connection to built-in video.

Allows direct connections to NeXT's 400 dpi Laser Printer.

Provides easy connection to virtually any Ethernet network without having
to purchase additional cards or adapters.

Built-in sound I/O Allows voice input to applications with sound-handling capabilities and
provides dual channel CD-quality output.

NeXT 2.88 MB floppy disk drive 2.88 MB of storage space using extended density (ED) disks, as well as
720 KB and 1.44 MB disks.

Allows for convenient transfer of data files between Macintosh®, OS/2®
and MS-DOS®.

16 MB on-board RAM 4 high-speed SIMM memory
sockets expandable to 128MB
Supports 16 and 32 MB SIMMS in two-SIMM increments.
When denser chips (16 MB) become available, NeXTstation™ computers
can be upgraded up to 128MB.

Optional parity support Parity memory checking is available when optional parity RAM is installed.

NeXTstep UNIX®-based operating environment optimized for multitasking and

Offers superior graphical user interface and development environment,
with the only object-oriented system software available on the market today.

Created by Stone Design's Create on 6/9/1998