68040 Processor
The 68040 is a fast and highly
integrated microprocessor with clock
speeds of 33 Mhz. The 68040
contains 1.2 million transistors, more
than any other microprocessor in its
class. This incredible number of
transistors is required because the
68040 is actually four chips in one --
a central processing unit, a floating
point unit, a paged memory
management unit, and 8 kilobytes of
cache memory.

The system clock speed is identical
to the CPU bus speed, providing
an average execution time per
instruction of 1.3 clock cycles.

There are two 4-KB memory caches,
one for data, the other for
instructions, along with burst mode
read and write-back caching for
improved data transfers.

56001 DSP
Built into the NeXTcube Turbo's
design is the 56001 DSP, a 25 Mhz
digital signal processor. With
24K of static RAM cache
upgradable to 96 K, the DSP is
dedicated to the task of handling
digital signals--such as sound--at
exceptional speeds.

The DSP is capable of generating
compact-dic-quality sound: 44.1
kHz sampling rate with
16-bit resolution and full stereo.

Other uses for the DSP range from
receiving still and video images to a
variety of other data transmission
and acquisition activities.

Network Support
Built-in networking, both thin and
twisted-pair Ethernet ports are
designed into all NeXT computers.

Network software and administrative
tools are preloaded on all hard drives
to simplify connecting to virtually
any network, with no additional cards
to purchase, install, or configure.

DMA Architecture
NeXT computers were designed to
handle the most complex tasks
efficiently. Rather than emulating
a traditional PC or workstation
architecture, NeXT systems use
a direct memory access (DMA)
architecture similiar to that of
mainframe computers for off-
loading I/O functions from the CPU
to the peripherial controller (PC) chip
to maximize system throughput.

NeXTbus Expansion Slots
NeXTbus provides a multiplexed
32-bit address and data bus on a
single Euro-DIN 96-pin connector.

NeXTbus architecture runs at 16.5
Mhz and can support data transfer
rates up to 66MB per second in
burst mode.

NeXTbus is self-configuring: cards
can be plugged into any slot and the
system will automatically identify and
configure each card.

RAM Configurations
NeXTcube Turbos are currently
available in 16, or 32 MB RAM

To support the fast memory transfer
capability of the Turbo Memory
Controller (TMC), NeXTcube Turbos
utilize very high speed
(70-nanosecond) 72-pin DRAM

RAM upgrades can be added
incrementally in two-SIMM
increments up to 32 MB of RAM.

When denser chips (16 MB)
become available, NeXTcube Turbos
can be upgraded up to 128 MB.

Parity memory is also an option, and
can be ordered on a select number
of 16 MB configurations.

SCSI is an expandable high-
performance interface for connecting
NeXTcube Turbos to hard disks and
other peripherials, such as the NeXT
Color Printer, NeXT External
CD-ROM Drive, scanners, and other devices. Up to seven SCSI
peripherials (including the internal
hard disk) can be connected.

SCSI data transfer rates are up to 4.8
MB/sec (SCSI-I implementation).
A SCSI-II--type connector was used
on NeXTcube Turbos to provide high
data reliability in CPU-to-peripherial

Sound I/O
NeXT computers have been
designed to accept and process

Using the built-in microphone in the
MegaPixel Display or an external
microphone, voice messages can be
easily added to electronic mail or
used to anotate applications.

Based on the industry's first object-
oriented system software, NeXTSTEP
offers an elegant graphical user
interface and one of the most
productive development
enivronments available today

NeXT's operating system is based on
the Mach UNIX kernel developed at
Carnegie Mellon University, which
features shared memory, fast
interprocess communication,
multitasking, and network support.

NeXT's UNIX is compatible with
UNIX 4.3 BSD (Berkeley Software

Display Postscript
NeXT offers a unified imaging model
Display PostScript®, for imaging on
both the screen and printer.

Bundled Software
Each NeXTcube Turbo ships with an
unprecedented amount of end-user
and development software including:

End-User Applications
Workspace Manager™
Digital Webster™ (Webster's Ninth
New Collegiate Dictionary™ and
Collegiate® Thesaurus)
Digital Librarian™
Mathematica® -- for higher
education customers only
Preview for PostScript®

System Administration Applications

NeXTstep Release 2 Extended also

End-User Applications
Oxford® Dictionary of Quotations
William Shakespeare: The
Complete Works (for Digital
TEX™ Document Processing
System (Radical Eye Software)

Developer Tools
Interface Builder™
NeXT Compiler for the Objective-C
C++ Language Compiler
Objective C Class Definitions
56001 DSP Tools
GNU Emacs
GNU Debugger
BUG-56™ Debugger (Ariel)
Malloc Debugger
PostScript Tools
Application Kit™
Music Kit™
Sound Kit™
On-line technical documentation

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