The NeXTcube Turbo
is a versatile,
that can be utilized
as a desktop
monochrome system,
a true color 32-bit-
per-pixel color/video
workstation, or a
file server system,
all featuring NeXT's
object oriented
operating and
Whether used with the NeXTdimension™ board as a stand alone workstation
incorporating 32-bit-per-pixel color/video, or as a server on a network, the NeXTcube™
Turbo computer offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and performance in a
single, one-foot-square magnesium cube. The system is built around the Motorola
33-megahertz 68040 CPU with integrated memory management and floating-point
units, and includes the Motorola 56001 Digital Signal Processor for fast processing of
large matrix calculations.

The NeXTcube Turbo may be equipped with 16 to 32 megabytes of main memory and
offers a variety of storage options--ranging from a 2.88-megabyte floppy disk drive to
hard drives with capacities from 400 megabytes to 2.8 gigabytes. In addition, there are
three available NeXTbus slots, so additional functionality can be added to the
NeXTcube Turbo via NeXTbus expansion cards from third-party vendors or from
NeXT, making the NeXTcube Turbo and extremely versatile workstation.

Created by Stone Design's Create on 6/9/1998