Getting my IRIS working

 General Information


When I got my IRIS, it was already clear to me, that the harddisc was broken. Unfortunately the harddiscs used in many IRISes are not standard SCSI or old MFM/RLL discs - no, they are ESDI discs. As fas as I remember, ESDI was state of the art a long time ago andused in servers and workstations. But after some years SCSI won the market and ESDI died out. So it is rather difficult to find some ESDI drives nowadays.

Even worse, you cannot use all ESDI disks in the IRIS, you can only use the following models:

ID Model Interface Size
96202 AST 96202 ? ?
96203 AST 96203 ? ?
3046 Atasi 3046 ST-506 39meg
WREN CDC Wren II(86) ST-506 72meg
94156 CDC ESDI 40-72meg
WREN3 CDC Wren III ESDI 86-155meg
D570 Cynthia D570 ? ?
2243 Fujitsu 2243 ST-506 67meg
2246 Fujitsu 2246 ESDI 172meg
2249 Fujitsu 2249 ESDI 389meg
5118 Hitachi DK511-8 ST-506 67meg
5128 Hitachi DK512-8 ESDI 67meg
51212 Hitachi DK512-12 ESDI 94meg
51217 Hitachi DK512-17 ESDI 134meg
51438 Hitachi DK514-38 ESDI 330meg
1085 Maxtor 1085 ST-506 71meg
1140 Maxtor 1140 ST-506 119meg
4175 Maxtor 4175 ESDI 150meg
M514 Memorex 514 ST-506 58meg
3212 Miniscribe 3212 ST-506 11meg
QUME Qume 592? ? ?
1300 Siemens 1300 ESDI 261meg
T101 Tandon TM-101-4 ? ?
TM252 Tandon TM-252 ST-506 10meg
MK56FB Toshiba MK56FB ST-506 130meg
156FA Toshiba MK156FA ESDI 148meg
V130 Vertex/Priam/Bull V-130 ST-506 26meg
V170 Vertex/Priam/Bull V-170 ST-506 60meg
V185 Vertex/Priam/Bull V-185 ST-506 71meg
155015 1550-15?
? ?

Source: The IRIS FAQ

Of course I also can use ESDI drives, although there are some ST-506 drives listed above. These require a different controller.