Obsolete Hardware

My hardware collection and related topics. I really love medium aged hardware from interesting manufacturers like SGI, SUN, DEC etc. I don't collect homecomputers like the famous C64, my main interest are workstations and servers, especially the non-x86 based ones. Most parts of my hardware is listed on the home-LAN page.

SGI Hardware

The Collection

I really love SGI workstations. They have a superior design, both technically and externally speaking.

The SGI Buyer's Guide

Always wanted to have an original SGI box? Nowadays they are really affordable (the used ones) thanks to ebay. But of course there are lots of different models, so you might need a bit help deciding which one fits best to your needs. So check you the SGI Buyer's Guide, which shall help your decision.

The IRIX Administration Guide

The "IRIX Administration Guide" is a collection of useful information about installing, administrating and using IRIX on SGI hardware. Check it out!

SUN Hardware

The Collection

I don't have that much SUN hardware, I own three lunchboxes (two IPX and one IPC) and two SUN clones. But I don't use them very often, not to say I only switched them on to see if they still work.

PC Hardware

The Collection

Okay, PCs aren't really outstanding pieces of hardware, but I use them, simply because they do their job, they are fast and they are cheap. This may change when I got my first Apple G4 with Mac OS X, but this will take some time...

HP Hardware

The Collection

Recently I got my hands on some old HP Workstations which still do some fine jobs.

Other Hardware

The Collection

There is also some stuff that does not need an own category, this can all be found in this section. For example printersrvers, routers and such stuff. Plus - of course - my black NextStation. This is a really cool device!

DEC Hardware

The Collection

My newest love - DEC hardware. I don't have much stuff from digital yet, but I hope this changes soon...