Control Data SGIs

 General Information


Control Data, an old and well-known computer manufacturer was a big resseler of Silicon Graphics products, but they used to stick their own label onto SGI products. The following table is an official table from Control Data mapping their products to SGI products and vice versa up to the year 1991.

Silicon Graphics Product Control Data Product
IRIS, IRIS-4D Cyber 910/920
IRIS Indigo Cyber 910-200
Personal IRIS Cyber 910-400
IRIS 4D/20 Cyber 910-430, 910-440
IRIS 4D/25 Cyber 910-460/910/470
IRIS 4D/35 Cyber 910-48x
Professional IRIS Cyber 910-500
4D/50, 4D/70, 4D/80, 4D/85 Cyber 910-500
GT Cyber 910-500
IRIS Power Series Cyber 910-600
4D/200 Cyber 910-600
GTX Cyber 910-600
IRIS Power Vision Cyber 910-700
4D/300 Cyber 910-700
VGX Cyber 910-700
Power Center Cyber 920C
4D/400 Cyber 920
Data Station Server Cyber 920B-450
IRIS 3000 Cyber 910-300
Single Tower Chassis "A" Chassis
Twin Tower Chassis "B" Chassis
Rack Chassis "C" Chassis