digital Alphastation 500

 General Information


The Alphastation 500 is also a very nice desktop machine that is also rather powerful (provided it has a decent CPU). Alphastation 500 were the high-end EV5 / PCI based workstations in a dark blue case.


The Alphastation 500 uses 21164 EV5 CPU at 266, 300, 333, 366, 400, 433, 466, or 500 MHz, and has 2 or 8 Mb L3 / Bcache (8 Mb on 500 MHz version only).


The Alphastation has a 256 bits wide memory bus using industry standard 72 bit wide buffered ECC DIMMs. It has 8 DIMM slots, and memory is installed in sets of 4. The maximum memory is 1 GB (512 Mb max on 333 MHz CPUs).

SCSI Controller

There isQlogic 1020 based wide SCSI bus, early machines had Fast SCSI interfaces, later ones are Ultra SCSI capable. A single SCSI bus is shared with internal and external devices.


The Alphastation 500 has 3 32-bit PCI slots and 1 64-bit PCI slot.


  • 21040 based 10 Mbit Ethernet adapter, both Thinwire and UTP connectors
  • 2 16550A serial ports
  • 1 parallel port
  • 16 bit audio Windows Sound System, in a dedicated slot
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse port

My Machine

Have a look at my Alphastation 500/400.