Hostname: bebox   Hostaddress:
Hardware: Dual Pentium 2-333
Software: BeOS R5 and Zeta RC2
Owned since: 2001

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Processor   2x Intel Pentium 2 at 333 MHz   Graphics   Matrox G400 32MB
Mainboard   Tyan Thunder 2 ATX   Sound   Onboard
Memory   512 MB SDRAM at 66MHz   Network   3Com 3c905
Drives   3,5" Disk drive
10GB Samsung IDE
  Other   WinTV PCI-FM
Onboard Adaptec SCSI

This PC is my "BeBox" - I use it for running BeOS R5.

As you can see, the PC uses some noiseblocking meadows. And this is really working! The PC is very silent, although there are two CPU coolers inside.