AT&T Globalyst 515

Hostname: escher   Hostaddress:
Hardware: AT&T Globalyst 515
Software: MS-DOS 7.0
Owned since: 2001

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Processor   Intel 486DX/2 at 50 MHz   Graphics   onboard ATI
Mainboard   Proprietary   Sound   Soundblaster Pro
Memory   8MB proprietary RAM   Network   Intel ISA
Drives   3,5" Disk drive
525MB IDE Drive
  Other   none

This PC is reserved for really old PC games that don't run on a Pentium class processor any more. I got two of these PC for nothing in 2001 and sold one on ebay for an astonishing high price (about 80EUR). Unfortunately this PC uses some proprietary RAM modules, which are really expensive. On the other hand, I don't need more than 8MB in such an old machine.

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