Hostname: amalia   Hostaddress:
Hardware: Dual Intel Pentium III-866
Software: Windows 2000 Professional
Owned since: 2000

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Processor   Dual Intel Pentium 3 at 866 MHz   Graphics   ATI Radeon 8500LE with 64MB
Mainboard   Tyan Tiger 133   Sound   Creative Soundblaster Live! 1024
Memory   1024 MB SDRAM at 133MHz   Network   Realteak 100MBit
Drives   3,5" Disk drive
40GB Maxtor IDE
60GB Maxtor IDE
Plextor SCSI CD-RW
Pioneer DVD
Iomega 100 ZIP Drive
Sony DDS3 Streamer
  Other   WinTV PCI-FM
Dawicontrol UW-SCSI Controller

This computer has some modifications in order to get it as silent as possible. Noteable are the two NoVibes vibration decoupling harddisk mounting racks.