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    SGI IP Table

     General Information


    The Inhouse Processors

    The IP Table

    HW IP SW IP Model Name CPU Comment
    PM1   IRIS 1000 68000/68010 at 8Mhz Terminal, 10 slot chassis
    PM1   IRIS 1200 68000/68010 at 8Mhz Terminal, 10 slot chassis
    PM1   IRIS 1400 68000/68010 at 8Mhz Workstation, (disk & O/S)
    IP1   IRIS 2000 68010 at 10Mhz Terminal, 10 slot chassis
    IP1   IRIS 2200 68010 at 10Mhz Terminal, 20 slot chassis
    IP1   IRIS 2400 68010 at 10Mhz Workstation, (disk & O/S)
    IP1   IRIS 2500 68010 at 10Mhz Rack Workstation, (disk & O/S)
    IP2   IRIS 3020 68020 at 16Mhz 10 GEs, 8 bits, 4/16 MB RAM
    IP2   IRIS 3030 68020 at 16Mhz 10 GEs, 32 bits, 8/16 MB RAM
    IP2   IRIS 3115 68020 at 16Mhz 12 GEs, 8 bits, 4/8 MB RAM
    IP2   IRIS 3120 68020 at 16Mhz 12 GEs, 8 bits, 4/16 MB RAM, 72 MB disk
    IP2   IRIS 3120B 68020 at 16Mhz 12 GEs, 8 bits, 4/16 MB RAM, 170 MB disk
    IP2   IRIS 3130 68020 at 16Mhz 12 GEs, 32 bits, 8/16 MB RAM, FPU
    R2300   4D/60 R2300 at 8Mhz  
    IP4   4D/70 R2000 at 12.5Mhz VME bus
    IP4   4D/50 R2000 at 8Mhz Marketting variant of 4D/70, VME bus
    IP4.5 IP4 4D/80,85 R2000 at 16.6Mhz VME bus
    IP5   4D/1x0 2x R2000 at 16.67Mhz MP bus, 1-2 cpu boards
    IP6   4D/20 R2000 at 12.5Mhz Personal Iris
    IP7   4D/2x0 2x R3000 at 25Mhz MP bus, 1-4 cpu boards
    IP9 IP7 4D/210 R3000 at 25Mhz put memory onto cpu board to cut cost.
    IP10   4D/25 R2000 at 20Mhz Personal Iris
    IP12   Indigo R3k R3000 at 33Mhz  
    IP14 IP12 4D/30 R3000 at 30Mhz redesign to fit the PI chassis
    IP14 IP12 4D/35 R3000 at 36Mhz redesign to fit the PI chassis
    IP13 IP7 4D/3x0 1, 2x R3000 at 33Mhz MP bus, 1-4 cpu boards
    IP15 IP7 4D/4x0 2x R3000 at 40Mhz MP bus, 1-4 cpu boards
    IP17   Crimson R4x00 at 100/150Mhz  
    IP19   Onyx L/XL 1,2,4x R4400 at 100,150,200,250 Mhz 1-6 cpu boards
    IP19   Challenge L/XL 1,2,4x R4400 100,150,200,250 Mhz 1-9 cpu boards
    IP20   Indigo R4k R4x00 at 100/150Mhz  
    IP21   Power Onyx 1,2x R8000 75,90 Mhz 1-6 cpu boards
    IP21   Power Challenge 1,2x R8000 75,90 Mhz 1-9 cpu boards
    IP22   Indigo2 R4x00 at 100-250Mhz  
    IP24 IP22 Indy R4x00 at 100-175MHz  
    IP24 IP22 Indy R5000 at 150(180Mhz  
    IP25   Onyx R10000 at 190Mhz  
    IP25   Challenge R10000 at 190Mhz  
    IP26   Power Indigo2 R8000 at 75Mhz  
    IP27   Onyx2 R10000 at 180-250Mhz  
    IP27   Origin 2000 R10000 at 180-250Mhz  
    IP29 IP27 Origin 200 R10000 at 180-250Mhz  
    IP31 IP27 Onyx2 R1x000 at 250-600MHz  
    IP31 IP27 Origin 200 R1x000 at 250-600MHz  
    IP28   Indigo2 R10000 at 175/195MHz  
    IP30   Octane R1x000 at 175-600MHz  
    IP32   O2 R5000 at 180-200Mhz  
    IP32   O2 R10000 at 180/195Mhz  
    IP34 IP35 Fuel R1x000 at 400-700MHz  
    IP35   Origin 3000 R1x000 at 400-600MHz  
    IP45   Origin 300 R1x000 at 400-600MHz  
    IP53   Origin 350, Tezro